Life Lessons Learned From Nail Polish

I can count on one hand, the things I loved doing when I was seven that I still love doing — because they are my nails.

Pretty much everything has changed since I copied my second standard  bestie and bought “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” nail colour destined to be my first ever bottle of nail polish, but through parties, farewells, more besties (who I also copied shamelessly), break-ups, job interviews and moves, one thing has always been there: nail polish.

Here are some tips I gleaned from my tips.

1. The Sparkly Ones Always Fade the Fastest and Do The Most Damage:

Every year, my favorite brands find new ways to combine glitter into their blends, and every year (usually in winter when I’m feeling my palest and most vampire-like), I take the plunge and go for the sparkly choice. Of course, I regret it a day later when the sparkles are no longer pink, but bleached, scraggy and chromed-out from a wild night with the dishes. Like nail polish, I’ve found that with friends, fads, teen idols, and crushes, the shiny, sparkly, glittery, oh-so-attractive, must-have, instantly gratifying, fun, impulsive choices often don’t last half as long as the damage they do.

2. When In Doubt Give It An Extra 5 Minutes:

Don’t you hate it when you’ve done your nails and you’ve gone like 8 or 9 minutes without moving, decide you’ll probably okay, and tempt fate by doing something innocuous, like checking your phone…only

to find that your phone is wearing your nail polish instead? Unless you’re McGuiver or a pastry chef, there are very few situations that would not benefit from an extra five minutes — when in doubt, take them.


3. Bold Choices Don’t Always Work Out, But Sometimes They Do:

I usually get nail polish inspiration in stand-around places like the elevator, subway, or checkout line. There I’ll be, zoning out, when it suddenly hits me that black is back, or that I might just totally rock neon orange. Of course, this doesn’t always work out quite like I’d envisioned (gold just makes some people look jaundiced, I guess). Like so many ideas that seem good in theory, the real test of a dramatic nail polish is how it works for you. As with nail polish, when going for it doesn’t work out, it can really blow…but when you trust your gut and it does work out, there’s nothing like it.

4. If It Doesn’t Want To Open Up, Trying to Force It Will Backfire:


It’s always your favorite, that pearly, jewely, glowing but not too girly pink that throws a tantrum and refuses to unscrew—we’ve all been there and tried to run it under hot water only to have the handle melt off in our hands, or tapped it against the floor only to create a vague outline of Madhya Pradesh in our carpet as an ongoing reminder of how we don’t know our own strength. I have found that in life, anything you try to force will ultimately end up forcing you to ruin it — whether jobs, schools, relationships, or art. In the end, it’s ultimately in your best interest to move on to a more willing option.

5. You Can Always Start Over:

The state of your life, like the state of your nails, is by in large, affected by the choices you make, but not entirely. Sometimes things will come along and ruin your nails without you having the least bit of say in the matter…and sometimes you’ll choose to do sharpie-art and ruin them yourself. And sometimes they’ll just start to look like crap because that’s what time does to nail polish. Like a bad manicure, very few things in life are irrevocable if you’re willing to undergo the momentary discomfort of letting them go (or deal with the stench of acetone); and sometimes, the best solution really is to give yourself a fresh start



Types of People in an Elevator.

If you count all the minutes you spend in an elevator, they might add up to be a total day in a month. That is a lot of time…and eventually you figure out the different types of people you come across in a lift. They are –

1. The Operator – This person can be easily identified. Every time he steps into an elevator the first question he asks everybody is ” which floor ? “. Might get upset if you have already pressed the buttons, or reach across and do it your self in his presence. His nemesis is the lift-man who not only gets to operate the buttons but also gets a stool to sit on.

The operator also is in charge of the fan switch. In certain instances he figures that people can go without the comforts of a fan for a couple of minutes and hence does not turn it on. Also thinks that pressing the >|< and <> buttons is a part of his moral duty.

2. The Security Man – This person thinks that the security of every person on the lift is his personal duty. In-spite of space being available inside the elevator this person insists on standing just before the door and is always seen entering and exiting at every floor to let people out and in (inspecting them in the mean time). They tend to be men of valor who stand facing the doors with their chests swollen in pride and arms folded in readiness. They also act as the custodians of the safety of all the elevator folk.

Also are door-pals with the operator.

3. The Wall Hugger – They are people who dash towards the walls of the elevator the instant the doors open. In case the back wall is taken the try to hide their despair and occupy the side walls. The wall hugger has a modus operandi that involves the clear-cut search for a space that is close to the walls of the elevator. He darts in,pushes people off along the way, gets his place, and then apologizes for the inconvenience caused.

4. The Evaluator – This person runs an eye over everybody in the lift. Once the first glance is cast, he or she then starts focusing on individuals and starts marking them eye to toe. There are various parameters on which such people evaluate you – which company you could be working in, single or married, how much you could earning, etc.

A sub-species of this type is The Starer. This is mostly a man. His job is to stare at anybody who enters the lift. A stare back doesn’t discourage this guy. The fact that the stare is going to last only 30+ seconds helps. Mind you, he doesn’t just stare at women….men also end up being his target.

5. The Evader – This person avoids all eye contact when inside the lift. They will take out their handkerchief and play with it, then stare at the fan or AC vent on top, then look at the buttons, stare at the floor indicator at the top of the lift etc. They will do anything to avoid eye contact with you – even looking at their own shoes.

6. The back-to-the-door person – For some odd reason, they stand with their back to the door till they reach their destination floor – opening or closing of the lift doesn’t help in changing their orientation. Complements The Wall Hugger.

7. The Mobile-Handler – Often receive msgs or emails often while in the elevator. If not the case then just take out their phone and start fooling around. Another characteristic is saying “in the elevator call later” . May get off on the wrong floor while engrossed in phone, look around and then step back in. 

A sub species is also The Boss – mostly on the phone discussing office work and generally mouthing instructions to (presumably) a secretary. Often looks around upon other people as unworthy of riding the elevator with him. The phone is most commonly a high-end smart phone. ( also has the added characteristics of an evaluator and a starer ).

Honorable Mention –

  • That lady : The ideal companion in an elevator. Dressed from head to toe in  perfume and often seen holding a file. Standard accessory is an over-sized branded hand bag.

#20 Facts About Me

this is trending on twitter presently…and I thought why not make a list of the strange facts about me…so here goes –

  1. I try to complete little tasks before the microwave beeps.
  2. I always wanted a black belt so that one day I could tell someone “you know I can kill you with my bare hands”
  3. I purposefully cough in front of people who are smoking to just see their reactions.
  4. I really really really hate cats.
  5. I secretly want an Irish accent.
  6. My toes are always cold…like always.
  7. I have always wanted to jump into a taxi and shout “follow that car”.
  8. I know all the words to almost every song i listen to. Yes. My brain is 99 % song lyrics and 1 % empty.
  9. I could probably survive off Chinese food. I can have spring rolls and Manchurian all my life long.
  10. The most played song on my phone is T-R-O-U-B-L-E by Travis Tritt. (there I admit it ! ).
  11. I love musicals… Wicked, hairspray, mamma Mia, grease, Chicago, footloose … I’ve seen them all
  12. I love turbulence in airplanes as it reminds me of roller-coasters.
  13. I have never – ever seen a cricket match live in the stadium…
  14. I think George Cloony is the hottest man on earth and anybody who does not agree is a fool :P
  15. When the traffic lights turn green I almost always assume everybody on the road is a road rash race participant.
  16. I always keep the television volume on an even number.
  17. I secretly watch POGO at night.
  18. I cannot sleep in a completely pitch dark room.
  19. I am sure I did not receive my letter from Hogwarts because the owl got lost ;)
  20. I love playing monopoly and other old fashioned board games

And that’s how i saw myself in the mirror when i was young :)

Decade of lessons

I recently turned 22. A responsible age so to say.  This has made me think of how much life has changed or even hasn’t changed in the past 10 years. It’s made me think of what lessons I’ve learned, which ones I wished I learned a little earlier and which ones I wish someone told me about. For that reason, I would like to take a minute to write a letter to my 12-year old self.

My dear twelve-year-old self,

When I think of you, I want to weep because I remember you as a timid little sparrow that tried to look like an eagle. You proved to be neither… A phoenix. That’s what you were. Burning and recreating yourself. Like a curse and like a blessing.

In a year’s time you will be 13. It is okay if it doesn’t seem like you have found your clique of friends yet.  Your best friendships are yet to come.  You will have great friends in life.  Friends that know exactly what cartoon video to put on to make you feel better, friends that you will stay up all night with for no reason at all except that the conversation never stops.  Friends that encourage you to follow your passion and friends that encourage you to leave your comfort zone, but are protective enough to say, ‘make good choices’ before you embark on a new adventure. When you turn 19 your best friend will cease to live. Life will seem unfair and unjust.  It’s going to suck more than anything you’ve ever been through, and luckily, you will have Mom by your side to support you. Slowly you will understand how life works in very odd, very bittersweet ways.

You will discover that school and grades are not everything.  Yes, you will have a fluke genius moment and get 100% on your maths exam when you were sure that you had no idea what you were doing.  (It was short-lived and lasted only for that one exam).  It is not so much what you are learning, but the work ethic that you learn from your dedication to school and extra curricular activities that keeps you moving forward and, ultimately allows you to enjoy life to its fullest.

At 15 you will meet a teacher who will slowly turn into a mentor and a guide. Don’t let go of her, keep in touch. Let me warn you that you will lose contact with her over the years…but try and locate her later on, this will bring tremendous joy to both of you.

17 will be an important year as you will shift base to India. You will be amazed to see the difference in people. New surroundings will inspire you to take more risks and be more creative. You will be known for you high-pitched voice and weird choices. Don’t stress yourself over these petty things. There will be times when your wish you never had come back but its alright, these years will help mould you into a stronger self.

Don’t worry.  You will end up doing so much more than you ever thought you would. Trust your instincts because they have proven to be trustworthy and make sure you take risks, because they always seem to put you in the right place at the right time.

At one point of time bhaiya will introduce you to Jeffery Archer and country music. This shall be the start of a life-long love affair. You will turn out to be a big admirer of George Cloony and Meryl Streep even though you don’t know who they are right now. You will eventually turn out to be a big fan of Jagjit Singh even though you hate that kind of music now. In your late teens a social networking website facebook will take the world by storm and I am glad to inform you that you won’t turn out to be an addict. Guess what, Tendulkar is still around and we did win the world cup. Speaking of cricket Gillespie took retirement when you turned 16 but don’t worry you did not actually die of shock like you thought you would.

Oh and love :) You are picky, and you don’t waste your time on crushes.  You like who you like, and if you aren’t absolutely positive that you like him, it means that you don’t.   Unfortunately, you will experience heartbreak but you will also experience a love and companionship that still surprises you.  It’s supposed to be easy, and when you find the right person, it is.

Life is nothing but easy. You’ll be glad you sorted this out early. And even though I’ve never said this I love you and I am proud of all that you’ve done…

And yes you still love the colour orange and sunflowers…and you still don’t know why ! I guess somethings never change :)

– An older you…

PS – you still love this photo of yours…even if you don’t admit it…

Clinical Presentations !

The medical postings are definitely an interesting part of college. You leave the classroom and enter the big bad world of medicine, and you quickly realize that much of what you’ve learned is for nothing. You also realize that the medical student next to you could become your best friend, or the bane of your existence — or fall anywhere along that spectrum. Here is a list of the medical students one generally encounters –

  • The “new” best friend : It’s your first day on a new posting, and you groan when you see the other students listed with you. You barely know the students. You fear for the worst. But your fear quickly turns into unbridled joy. This mystery person is both a scholar and a sane person. He laughs at all your jokes, and sneaks out of the hospital early with you. You both help each other whenever possible, and by the end of the rotation, you’re planning to open a clinic together. You wonder where this person has been your whole life.  Sadly, like all things, this posting will end. And your new best-friendship may end as well. But it was great while it lasted.
  • The magician : His patients are always the easiest to take care of and he manages to leave an hour before the rest of you. He shows up late half the time, but no one ever seems to notice. In fact, everyone loves him and praise him for his efficiency. As his companion, you find yourself envious. You try to make yourself feel better by saying, “At least I’m getting more out of this posting,” but deep down, you know that’s a lie.
  • The future whatever ! :  This student is really itching to go into the field in which you are currently posted. They ask a ton of extra questions, beg the professor to go into detail on every disease, and try to follow the residents around as much as possible. They also have a never-ending optimism about them that quickly grows tiring. They may even ask for extra assignments, not realizing that all of the students will get extra work, not just them.
  • The Gunner : Now you may hear this term a lot around medical campuses.  By definition a gunner is a hyper-competitive student. Gunners will do whatever it takes to be the best. This ranges from working very hard to sabotaging peers. On the floors, a gunner is the guy who looked up the vital signs for every patient on the service, and when you can’t remember your patients’, he says them out loud. He’s the guy who manages to scrub into all the cool surgeries, often by following around the attending physician non-stop. He’s the guy who refuses to go home when the residents dismiss everyone, and asks to do extra menial tasks. The only advantage of having a gunner on the team is that it unites the other medical students — it’s almost like how having a mean coach can pull a sports team together.
  • The Cry-Baby : This person is always going to crib…always ! About the patient, the posting schedule, the department and even the peon’s uniform. There is not a thing the cry-baby won’t cry for.
  • The Weak : This species of students is often a surprise. As all medical students should necessarily know that the one thing that they are definitely going to see is – blood ! This student is not just weak but has a huge vasovagal response, often seen vomiting into the nearest basin. They can be spotted occasional dropping into the arms of the student standing next to them most commonly in the anatomy lab or at the sight of blood.
  • The Typical Medical Student : overly stressed, sleep-deprived, facebook-obsessed, caffine-dependent, HOUSE-watching person. Will quit college if sane enough.



The Pressure To Party

Today is the 2nd day of 2012 and apart from wishing everyone a happy new year the most common conversation starter remains a simple question – “What did you do on 31st ?”

Well I did nothing !

Why is it so hard to accept that I had no plans for bringing in the new year ! I spent some good family time with my parents. Yes I am a 21-year old ( soon to be 22 :) ) and I was at home…

The pressure to party doesn’t just come from peers, but traditions, culture, society, even the economy all contribute to and perpetuate the perception that the college years are party years. Any student who chooses to resist this unhealthy stereotype is facing a monumental challenge.This direct pressure comes from a source that is a bit farther removed and extremely sinister.

College students are expected to party by just about everyone.

The “entertainment” industry has cranked out thousands of raunchy movies having to do with college frivolity. The music most young people listen to is replete with references to drinking and more. The media has created a facade of what a “grown up” looks like: someone who is attractive, fit, holding a beer in one hand, wearing over priced fashions, driving an expensive car to pick up an attractive member of the opposite gender for a casual afternoon ( often known as “fun” ). If a student chooses not to participate people insist they are missing the full college experience.

If I say no to “partying” it doesn’t mean that I am not interesting or nice to talk to. It simply means that I do not want to party. That’s it. And for all the times that people ignore this fact and egg me to drink well let me tell all of them that you don’t look quite the person you believe you are when you are passed out in a pool of vomit !

Refusing to fall into line with everyone else when it comes to college drinking and partying can change the world, one enlightened student at a time.

The “Last” Year

2011 was crap…It was a big stupid year full of big stupid things. Thus I shall not waste time on those year ending lists and “best and worst of 2011 stuff “.

As 2012 is just round the corner now is a good time to pretend that 2011 never happened and look forward to the last year of the world… So instead of reviewing the previous year I am going to look ahead…

Here is what my 2012 will look like…

January 1st – The official first day of 2012…I will mostly debate with myself on having a new year resolution…giving into the pressure of having one ( as not having one will make me an outcast) I will decide upon some rubbish resolutions…most likely –

  1. Will not worry so much – at least not in front of other people.
  2. Keep my opinions to myself – yeah sure !
  3. Stop procrastinating – I think I will start on this one after a week or even a month later.
  4. Read something this year – other than the e-mails, texts, comics & news.

January 1st – After a few hours of waking up I shall write 2011 instead of 2012 and continue to do so for a few more weeks.

January 7th – One week into the new year and I will break all my resolutions.

January 8th – I shall resolve not to make any more resolutions.

January 15th – I shall stare into the sky and ask myself why do I not know how to fly a kite (well I do know how to fly one but I am incapable of flying it for more than 5 minutes) .

January 22nd – My relatives will ask me what I want for my birthday and since I cannot think of something that isn’t extravagant I shall say nothing

January 23rd – My birthday. I receive all of my presents and vow to give everyone a list of what I actually do want next year.

February 5th – I shall vow to successfully complete writing a book and plan an outline of all the characters and story-lines.

February 6th – I shall forget about the book as writing is though and a F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathon is on TV.

March 8th – I will lock myself up in the house and wonder why do people like to paint each other black, silver and gold only to take a bath later and crib about the fact that the colors don’t come off.

April 15th – I shall promise the mirror to lose some weight and walk to the gym.

April 22nd – I will write a post about accepting one’s body and forget about going to the gym.

May 13th – Mother’s Day. Will try to clean the hose but will give up and take mom for lunch instead.

May 30th to June 10th – Will rethink the whole book idea.

June 21st – Longest Day of the year and I will crib about living in the hottest city in the country (this may not be factually correct but Jaipur is the hottest city for me).

July 29th – I will dream about being locked up in a Subway outlet…wake up see the reality, feel bad and eventually have lunch there.

August 2nd – Will feel bad about the fact that instead of gifts some brothers choose to give cash on rakshabandhan.

August 5th – Will spend all the money received on shopping and feel good about the same fact.

September 16th – Will try to convince dad to buy a new car.

September 23rd – Have a long discussion about the car with dad and my elder brother. In the end will be convinced that we don’t need a new one (but will continue to hope for one).

October 7th – Will wish for holidays. As I shall be fed of classes will decide not to go to college for a week and sleep peacefully at home.

October 14th – Shall start cursing the professors for teaching important stuff during my absence and will spend the rest of the month covering up.

November 4th – Will start dropping hints for buying new clothes.

November 11th – Mom will take me clothes shopping and will try to act surprised.

November 13th – Diwali. Will overload my self with sweets and then will spend the rest of the month resisting going into the kitchen.

December 1st – Will decide whether it has been a good year or not. Might be ecstatic or depressed depending upon the decision.

December 21st – According to Mayan prophecies, this will be the end of the world. I use this as an excuse to not buy anyone Christmas presents.

December 22nd – After seeing that the world did not end, I begin shopping for presents.

December 28th – I make another stupid list about 2013. Spoiler alert: It’s, most likely, the exact same list.

Happy new year :)

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