How to be a Television Bahu

Well most of the Indian soaps have the same basic story…huge joint family…2-3 mother-in-laws…one major house help and a sultry vamp ( often accessorized with large bindis and heavy make-up…smokey eyes and an evil smile )

All of these also have one thing in common – The Perfect Bahu. Yes the helpless, sari-clad, ever sobbing fairly pretty woman who thinks about everybody but herself. She may occasionally have a well written dialogue with her nemisis…but generally all the Indian Television bahus are quite similar…

Here’s a short guide to teach you how to be one…

  • You should know how to mindlessly cook. There are several shots of when the Bahu lost in deep thought is just stirring the food in the kadhai (pan). She might not have an idea about what she is adding into the pan and yet gazing into uncertainty there she’ll be cooking until someone comes up says her name and repeats the well-rehearsed line “Aare ( insert name ) kya kar rahi hai…dekh toh sahi saari sabji jal gayi”
  • You should know how to hang clothes. The family will be a big business house…there might be an abundance of kakas and bais but yet the Bahu should know how to hang clothes…and at times if needed, mindlessly.
  • The Bahu should know to sleep fully dressed, with her sari pinned up….her pallu in place…lots of make-up on and then get up next morning with the pins still in place and no wrinkles on the sari. Wow ! what practice…sometimes I believe these ladies sleep in the attention position.
  • One should know as to dress everyday as if its your wedding. This is one thing I find hilarious, the lady will be completely dressed up…as if she has been to a wedding and then her husband shall come along and ask her to get ready so as to go out and she goes and comes back in a heavier sari and even heavier make-up. And you might wonder where are they going – to have an ice-cream ! I feel embarrassed to step out in my pajamas after watching this…
  • And now the most important aspect – she should have zero common sense !

Until the next time – amused


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  1. roby
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 15:10:50

    this is really !!!!gud one !!!!!!


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