The Boy Who Lived ( and inspired me to do so )

10 years ago, on my 11th birthday mom gifted me a book….Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone…little did i know that it was the start of a life-long love affair…

i was in the age of famous five and secret seven and suddenly everything turned magical…harry, hermione and ron were the pen pals i never had…somewhere in a distant land they were going through the same set of issues i had…finding new best friends, the thrill of breaking rules and wining house points…2001 was the only year when i clearly remember red house wining the best house trophy in school….life was perfect :)

And so i had a world of my own….i was obsessed with hogwarts….at one point i also thought i am reading these books because god wants me to be prepared when Hagrid comes to pick me up :P

every year i would anxiously wait for june to come so that i could go get my new harry potter book….rushing to the book-store to get it and the snuggling into the bed and refusing to do anything else till i finished reading it….and then re-reading it till next june…

I named my school subjects after them…maths was transfiguration, science was potions , social studies became defense against the dark arts, english was charms, physical education was care of magical creatures….i still have my std 8th timetable made in that way :p i was mad, completely crazy !

I also had friends who resembled harry, hermione and ron ( i dont know know why i always thought i was neville ! )

I even had a wand ! I would practice spells everyday :)

Its safe to say that i grew up with these books…i was 11 when harry was 11 and 21 last night in the movie hall when a 21-yr old harry was fighting voldemort.

And then things changed with the fourth book…i just maybe matured a bit…after all its not sensible for a 14-year old girl to be mumbling spells or to be imagining friends from school to be witches ! But I still had that special connection…I blushed along with harry when he asked cho to the ball…and i cried along with everbody as cedric died…

I started to hate lavender along with hermione because ron was my first crush !

Suddenly Sirius died and for a week i moved around with a pain in my stomach the size of texas ! Later that year a friend expired…and i was devastated…during those days i re-read the last pages of the order of the phoenix and it helped me let go…I understood the pain of death and feeling of attachment for the first time..and all this trough a book !

When the 10th boards were about to start life was stressful ! so much to study…and the pressure of prelims and proving myself and other such stupid things was enormous…and guess what i re-read the entire harry potter series ( it was only till book 5 then )…everyday i would read a book for 1 hour…sometimes only my favorite parts ! It was like appearing for OWLs :)

I cried bitterly when Dumbledore died…even worse when Fred and Lupin did…Dobby’s death and the war at the castle didn’t make life any easier… but it was all a growing up experience

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is an emotional movie…during the fight i started to cry and not silently…loud huge sobs and I didn’t want to cry but i could not hold myself back they were breaking my castle !

Today as i write this note i finally end my obsession for this magical universe…and for Ron :) I might still remember each dialogue, evey detail about every character…there is no more book or movie for which an advanced booking is to be done…

…I have grown up and have learnt quite a few things from various sources…but the Harry Potter series is more than just a bunch of books and movies to me…they may be unreal with funny names and a different world but for almost 10 years they were a part me….

and I doubt if any other character can move me so much…can teach me the meaning of bravery, friendship and love the way harry, ron and hermione did…can inspire me to live :)

Until next time…Mischief Managed !


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