Dear You,

If you’re out there at all, I think I’ve had a long enough wait. I’m ready for you to come and sweep me off of my feet. I’m tired of all of the other guys who have come into my life, gotten my hopes up thinking that they were going to be you, but winding up being losers instead. No more games please, I’ve had enough.

Please know that when I am faced with someone I like I turn kind of hyper…I might laugh out a bit too loud or try and be cool but deep down inside I am really nervous. Also at times I may go completely silent on the phone, it doesn’t mean I have nothing to tell you. I’m just in love with the sound of voice.  I hope you will not find this strange. Also know that just because I don’t say it out loud I do think about you. I might not text you a million times a day, call you just to tell you that or plaster it all over your facebook wall, but when we do fall in love if at all, i will love you, and you will know.

I also hope that you will know my favourite color is orange and that my favourite type of flower isn’t the stereotypical rose but the sunflower….and that unlike most girl’s, I am not crazy about diamonds. You might find it hard to believe but I am also okay with not going out and playing video games or the Xbox, I think its fun.

All I ask from you is to like me for me and not for someone prettier or funnier or with better smiles…if you want me to change in a major way and be someone you want then please don’t waste our time because for the past 20   years or so I have been like this and I wouldn’t want to change it just yet. I hope that you will make me laugh, take care of me if I get sick, and be trustworthy. If I cry, please know it isn’t because of you, just hold me close, and I’ll heal quickly and, if it is because of you, I will heal just the same.

Please tell me if anything I do bothers you, or if something just don’t sit right. I would like you to always be honest with me. If I have a bad day, I hope you will shower me with confidence and smiles.

That’s all I am asking (or hoping for) , I hope its not too much. Please come find me soon…




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