Board To Death !

I was very into board games when I was little…for that matter I still am ! That used to happen to the kids of my age as most of us were not very good at sports, we were not allowed to watch TV after school ( and even if we were allowed to, the time was restricted being 1 or 2 hours at the most ) and most of us were quite bossy that our friends refused to play cricket because you always got to bat (hey, it was my house, right?!)…so board games were pretty much all we had left…and boy did I have a lot of them…

But the kids today are different..they have computers, interactive websites, android tablets, youtube, flashy toys…also kids now don’t go out in the evenings to play so they have less or minimal outdoor activity. I was prompted to write this post because my niece who is 2 years old will probably never get the joy of board games…she might be too busy with her wii or laptop games or videos…

I wanted to recall the hours and hours of fun I had playing with my board games…so here’s an account of all my favorites, there were, of course, classics but some of my favorites were a little less, well, timeless.

Guess Who – not only did this game had an awesome commercial but it was loads of fun :) The objective of this game was that you had to choose a character and answer questions about him while trying to prevent your opponent from guessing who you were. Playing with parents led to creative questions “Does this person look like he could murder his entire family ?”

Cluedo – The object of this basic game was for players to strategically move around the game board (a mansion), in the guise of one of the game’s six characters, collecting clues from which to deduce which suspect murdered the game’s perpetual victim: Dr. Black , and with which weapon and in what room. At a time 6 players played and that was what turned this game into absolute fun !
Chinese Checkerswell this was my favorite to play with mom…the trill of getting your checkers across was amazing and it made up for a good travel game too :)
Don’t Wake Daddy –  well this one was about breaking rules so it had a special appeal to it :) players were children sneaking to the refrigerator late at night, trying not to wake their sleeping father (who lies in the middle of the board on a large bed)…movement was determined by using a spinner and moving accordingly…if players made one of the several “noises” then “Daddy” would suddenly jerk upright from his bed at which point the player lost…this game was fun with cousins and we usually played at bedtime ! It also had an amazing commercial.
Monopoly – This will probably always remain as my most preferred board game. It was and still is an important family game for us ! When we were young all of us would gather together to play this…the joy of buying places such as Mayfair and Marven Gardens cannot be compensated.
The Game Of LIFE – Was a similar game and had a funny TV advertisement…. “Why didn’t I buy insurance”
Scrabble, Operation and Hungry Hungry Hippos ( the first one to gobble up all the marbles wins ! ) were other important games from my childhood. I hope my niece gets to atleast some of these…plays them and relishes the feeling of playing together with family…I miss watching board commercials on the television, I miss getting up earlier on sunday mornings and watching cartoons…

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