The Man, The Myth, The Sitcom

Guys like Tim Taylor (Home Improvement), Ray Barone (Everyone Loves Raymond), Charlie and Alan Harper (Two and a Half Men), Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother), Ross Geller(F.R.I.E.N.D.S)  and countless other male sitcom characters make us laugh. They bring joy and humor into our night time line-up. They might even help us forget about some of the stress going on in our lives.

But don’t be fooled! They are up to something more devious than just making you laugh…they are out to make every man look like an idiot…think about it. Each show is roughly the same: idiot husband does something idiotic, tries to hide it from his nanny of a wife who eventually finds out and confronts him, and ends with him having to apologize and promising to do better. Or the eternal bachelor spends night after night after night seducing women, treating them like objects, and never learning his lesson.

These men are helpless, don’t know how to be open and vulnerable, are always doing the stupidest things, and would probably be a dirty, starving, un-groomed hobo if it weren’t for their wife.

And while that might make for a great sitcom, the worst part is…that’s how people now see the male gender…most women start comparing every man they meet to their favorite sitcom man…and this leads to a lot of confusion because guys are nothing like those in the soaps…

The most “single” women I know don’t want a boyfriend or a husband…they just want a son ! (Not that they would admit this) They want somebody who is helpless or worried or confused or just plain simple unorganized…someone like Doug ( from King of Queens ) or Hal ( from Malcom in the Middle )…both these men act like complete wrecks in the absence of their wives…

I would not want my husband to be like that…I would really like to believe that his mother didn’t raise a fool !

And so I will continue to fight against his natural-born nemesis. When the sitcom man tries to convince you that all men are slobs, I’ll like him to show you his well kept house. When the sitcom man tries to make you believe that men are all womanizers, I’ll show you a man who respects women. When he tries to show you that men are helpless, idiotic, selfish and only think with their little head, I’ll like to show you a man who doesn’t need a woman to take care of him like a mother, but a man who wants a woman to share his life with.

Sitcom Man…you are going down!




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