#20 Facts About Me

this is trending on twitter presently…and I thought why not make a list of the strange facts about me…so here goes –

  1. I try to complete little tasks before the microwave beeps.
  2. I always wanted a black belt so that one day I could tell someone “you know I can kill you with my bare hands”
  3. I purposefully cough in front of people who are smoking to just see their reactions.
  4. I really really really hate cats.
  5. I secretly want an Irish accent.
  6. My toes are always cold…like always.
  7. I have always wanted to jump into a taxi and shout “follow that car”.
  8. I know all the words to almost every song i listen to. Yes. My brain is 99 % song lyrics and 1 % empty.
  9. I could probably survive off Chinese food. I can have spring rolls and Manchurian all my life long.
  10. The most played song on my phone is T-R-O-U-B-L-E by Travis Tritt. (there I admit it ! ).
  11. I love musicals… Wicked, hairspray, mamma Mia, grease, Chicago, footloose … I’ve seen them all
  12. I love turbulence in airplanes as it reminds me of roller-coasters.
  13. I have never – ever seen a cricket match live in the stadium…
  14. I think George Cloony is the hottest man on earth and anybody who does not agree is a fool :P
  15. When the traffic lights turn green I almost always assume everybody on the road is a road rash race participant.
  16. I always keep the television volume on an even number.
  17. I secretly watch POGO at night.
  18. I cannot sleep in a completely pitch dark room.
  19. I am sure I did not receive my letter from Hogwarts because the owl got lost ;)
  20. I love playing monopoly and other old fashioned board games

And that’s how i saw myself in the mirror when i was young :)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. roby
    Jun 18, 2012 @ 23:27:48

    mast hai ek dum-::::))))


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