Decade of lessons

I recently turned 22. A responsible age so to say.  This has made me think of how much life has changed or even hasn’t changed in the past 10 years. It’s made me think of what lessons I’ve learned, which ones I wished I learned a little earlier and which ones I wish someone told me about. For that reason, I would like to take a minute to write a letter to my 12-year old self.

My dear twelve-year-old self,

When I think of you, I want to weep because I remember you as a timid little sparrow that tried to look like an eagle. You proved to be neither… A phoenix. That’s what you were. Burning and recreating yourself. Like a curse and like a blessing.

In a year’s time you will be 13. It is okay if it doesn’t seem like you have found your clique of friends yet.  Your best friendships are yet to come.  You will have great friends in life.  Friends that know exactly what cartoon video to put on to make you feel better, friends that you will stay up all night with for no reason at all except that the conversation never stops.  Friends that encourage you to follow your passion and friends that encourage you to leave your comfort zone, but are protective enough to say, ‘make good choices’ before you embark on a new adventure. When you turn 19 your best friend will cease to live. Life will seem unfair and unjust.  It’s going to suck more than anything you’ve ever been through, and luckily, you will have Mom by your side to support you. Slowly you will understand how life works in very odd, very bittersweet ways.

You will discover that school and grades are not everything.  Yes, you will have a fluke genius moment and get 100% on your maths exam when you were sure that you had no idea what you were doing.  (It was short-lived and lasted only for that one exam).  It is not so much what you are learning, but the work ethic that you learn from your dedication to school and extra curricular activities that keeps you moving forward and, ultimately allows you to enjoy life to its fullest.

At 15 you will meet a teacher who will slowly turn into a mentor and a guide. Don’t let go of her, keep in touch. Let me warn you that you will lose contact with her over the years…but try and locate her later on, this will bring tremendous joy to both of you.

17 will be an important year as you will shift base to India. You will be amazed to see the difference in people. New surroundings will inspire you to take more risks and be more creative. You will be known for you high-pitched voice and weird choices. Don’t stress yourself over these petty things. There will be times when your wish you never had come back but its alright, these years will help mould you into a stronger self.

Don’t worry.  You will end up doing so much more than you ever thought you would. Trust your instincts because they have proven to be trustworthy and make sure you take risks, because they always seem to put you in the right place at the right time.

At one point of time bhaiya will introduce you to Jeffery Archer and country music. This shall be the start of a life-long love affair. You will turn out to be a big admirer of George Cloony and Meryl Streep even though you don’t know who they are right now. You will eventually turn out to be a big fan of Jagjit Singh even though you hate that kind of music now. In your late teens a social networking website facebook will take the world by storm and I am glad to inform you that you won’t turn out to be an addict. Guess what, Tendulkar is still around and we did win the world cup. Speaking of cricket Gillespie took retirement when you turned 16 but don’t worry you did not actually die of shock like you thought you would.

Oh and love :) You are picky, and you don’t waste your time on crushes.  You like who you like, and if you aren’t absolutely positive that you like him, it means that you don’t.   Unfortunately, you will experience heartbreak but you will also experience a love and companionship that still surprises you.  It’s supposed to be easy, and when you find the right person, it is.

Life is nothing but easy. You’ll be glad you sorted this out early. And even though I’ve never said this I love you and I am proud of all that you’ve done…

And yes you still love the colour orange and sunflowers…and you still don’t know why ! I guess somethings never change :)

– An older you…

PS – you still love this photo of yours…even if you don’t admit it…


Who are you inside ?

Well even tough I am no one to give someone advice related to positive or negative thinking…based on the random comments I hear all the day long, here’s a comparative list between Optimistic Olive  and  Pessimistic Pam.

Find out who are you inside…

1. Someone walks by and says, “TGIF!!”

OO – Woohoo!! Weekend ahead and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it!!

PP – Yeah, but in two more days, I’m going to be back to work, again…this sucks!

2. You hit morning traffic

OO –  Now I just have more time to listen to my morning playlist, yes!!

PP – Stupid traffic, stupid accident that might have cause this stupid traffic!!

3. At lunch, the restaurant is out of your favorite sandwich

OO – Oh well, it just gives me a chance to try something new!

PP – Really?? Don’t you people know how to order enough food to make it            through the lunch rush hour!?!

4. Bank is super busy

OO – It is payday, I will just check my email while I am standing in line.

PP – Holy crap! Does anyone go to the bank any other time, or just when I decide to go!

5. Boss asks you to do something 5 mins before its time to leave

OO- Must be important! I’m going to get it done to keep the boss man happy!

PP- Seriously?? I have been sitting around for the last hour and NOW he asks! That was so done on purpose!!!

6. You win the lottery

OO – Oh my gosh!!! I can’t wait to use the money in so many positive ways! I am going to pick out 10 different charities to help!!

PP – Well, I will most likely end up bankrupt in a couple of years, just like the statistics show !

Don’t be one of those people, that when others see coming….they run and hide, so they don’t have to listen to you and all your negativity! Nobody likes to hear people complain all the time. Don’t pride yourself on being witchy!  You can find rainbows & kittens in everyday, somehow. Sometimes you just have to pull it out from underneath a whole bunch of cow manure!

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