The Pressure To Party

Today is the 2nd day of 2012 and apart from wishing everyone a happy new year the most common conversation starter remains a simple question – “What did you do on 31st ?”

Well I did nothing !

Why is it so hard to accept that I had no plans for bringing in the new year ! I spent some good family time with my parents. Yes I am a 21-year old ( soon to be 22 :) ) and I was at home…

The pressure to party doesn’t just come from peers, but traditions, culture, society, even the economy all contribute to and perpetuate the perception that the college years are party years. Any student who chooses to resist this unhealthy stereotype is facing a monumental challenge.This direct pressure comes from a source that is a bit farther removed and extremely sinister.

College students are expected to party by just about everyone.

The “entertainment” industry has cranked out thousands of raunchy movies having to do with college frivolity. The music most young people listen to is replete with references to drinking and more. The media has created a facade of what a “grown up” looks like: someone who is attractive, fit, holding a beer in one hand, wearing over priced fashions, driving an expensive car to pick up an attractive member of the opposite gender for a casual afternoon ( often known as “fun” ). If a student chooses not to participate people insist they are missing the full college experience.

If I say no to “partying” it doesn’t mean that I am not interesting or nice to talk to. It simply means that I do not want to party. That’s it. And for all the times that people ignore this fact and egg me to drink well let me tell all of them that you don’t look quite the person you believe you are when you are passed out in a pool of vomit !

Refusing to fall into line with everyone else when it comes to college drinking and partying can change the world, one enlightened student at a time.


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